Rotary Systems.

Known for the ability to braze high volumes of parts with the least amount of personnel rotary designs provide a robust stage to allow auto fluxing, multiple heat stations, wire feeding, air cooling, water cooling and other features like auto loading and unloading.

We have built hundreds of these machines and know from experience what works best for each customer. For some it may be less stations for fast change over to another part style. For others it may be more stations for high production of one or two part families. Sometimes it can be both with experienced fixture design with christmas tree multi family designs. We can help you choose which design works best for you.

Experience matters

We believe in communication. Our customers demand the best because they want to be the best too. Communucation is the key to that. When we listen to the voice of the customer we understand what matters most to his business and we can bring our experience to bear and deliver the best possible solution for his production needs. Call today and let us help you choose a system that's right for you

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